Saturday, September 28, 2013

Legend of Korra Season 2: Episode 4

Hey, remember this guy? The totally not evil at all mentor?

Why, yes, I am plotting your demise. Why do you ask?
Yeah, they didn't even bother with that one.

So I'm going to get the cons out of the way here first, that way we can focus on the good stuff. Korra is still acting like an idiot (though her actions actually do get results instead of just screwing things up this time) being brash and angry. They went ahead and officially outed Unalaq as a villain, and we're only four episodes in. I suppose this could be a good thing, getting it out of the way so we can move on to new things, but it still felt rushed.

I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that he was behind her father being banished so he could get his position. Sure, it gets him villain points, but I felt like that wasn't really needed. It sort of detracted from her father's drama and past, making him not responsible for his actions.

Still, these are minor issues at best considering the rest of the episode.

There is a major theme of family throughout the episode, wrapping up the cliffhanger of last week. Tenzin finds his daughter playing with a group of baby Flying Bison, deciding they were better brothers and sisters than her real ones who had been mean. Tenzin, frustrated with his own siblings, sits down and plays with her.

"Aww" is the appropriate response, even if you are male.

They come to the conclusion that family, while they can be annoying and troublesome, is still family. They will always be there for you, and should be valued. Simple, old fashioned and a little cliched? Sure, but it rings true.

I feel like I should note that Tenzin admits that Aang had faults as a father, and apologizes for trying to force his idealized memories on his siblings. They forgive him, apologize for taking out their anger with Aang on him. They end their segment by looking at a photo of all of them, happy together as kids.

Again, this whole segment felt very real and mature. The theme of family carried over to Korra's segments as well, with a few emotional moments between her and her parents. Sadly, the Aang family arc felt a little rushed, mostly due to constantly returning to Korra for the plot

Also, a side note. I may get frustrated at her character for being headstrong and kind of an idiot, but man she can be awesome in the middle of it.

"For kids 7 and up!"

A great example of how to solve problems? Not really, but man was it hardcore. This is how they should show her character, by showing what lines she is willing to cross that Aang never would, not by making her an idiot who never learns.

A further note: the comedy in this episode was strong, though I felt that it interrupted the drama rather than lightening it a couple of times. The crazy inventor is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

They seem to be setting up a civil war between tribes, and Korra and the rest of Team Avatar are heading for Republic City to get the president's help. On one hand, I'm annoyed that we are leaving the beautiful arctic visuals and gong back to the city. On the other, it seems to be setting up the old avatar vibe, the whole travel the world bit. (Also, the more they travel, the higher a chance they run into Iroh the II. Dante Basco FTW).

Still excited for the coming episodes, see you next week.

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